Afternoon Links: December 29, 2010

1. The FDNY is reinstating their famous “beefcake” calendar, but instead of donating proceeds to charity they’ll use the money to buy new equipment for the cash-strapped department.

2. It’s finally happened: someone has designed an iPhone-controlled mini-fridge/beer-cannon.

3. Disney World now manages long lines with an “underground nerve center.”

4. This 75-year-old ex-teacher has spent 13 years in a New York “rubber room” and now makes $97,000 a year. In 1997 he was charged with sexually molesting a six-year-old student.

5. Want to be able to tell where someone grew up just by listening to how they pronounce their vowels? Consult the map of North American English Dialects.

Photo Credit: Flickr Photostream