Afternoon Links: November 30, 2010

1. Literary Review was going to give the 2010 Bad Sex in Fiction Award to Alastair Campbell–Tony Blair’s former Director of Communications–but they had to disqualify Campbell for “wanting to win.”

2. The head of the Washington State Potato Commission has ended his 60-day all-potato diet. The diet was a protest of new government limits on potatoes in federal meal programs.

3. As the U.S. debate over DADT continues, Britain’s Ministry of Defense maintains that women are the real threat to “group cohesion” on the front lines.

4. Jimmy Kimmel and David Sedaris don’t think TSA scanners are a big deal, but Sedaris brings up an interesting point: people with padded or fake body parts are liable to be especially embarrassed by the scanners.

5. A Spanish woman is claiming that she is the registered owner of the sun and we all owe her money for using sunlight. All righty then.

Photo Credit: Hilary Perkins