Afternoon Links: October 27, 2010

1. Everyone’s glad that the police now have a suspect in custody for the murder of American University professor Sue Marcum. But how do you feel about the fact that police tracked him down using D.C.’s license-plate recognition sensors?

2. Don’t use drugs not approved by the FDA! Unless, or course, you’re the state of Arizona and you’re executing someone. Then it’s okay.

3. The Hells Angels are suing Alexander McQueen over jewelry, purses, and dresses designed by the fashion house that feature a winged-skull pattern. As everyone knows, members of the Hells Angels are the only people allowed to wear winged skulls.

4. Look, it’s another good-looking Hollywood actor with HuffPo blogging privileges calling for stricter government regulations.

5. Why should tea-partiers be bringing bottles of Madeira to rallies?