Al Gore Wants .eco Web Domain…

Since Dot Eco TLD announced that they were seeking establishment as a top level domain (TLD) at ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Mexico event last week with the cooperation of Al Gore, many have been asking why we need a new TLD.  Furthermore, why we needed a new TLD solely focused on environmental websites.

There are a lot of legitimate arguments out there against this proposal, consisting of this solely being about money, or asking why a TLD should be focused so specifically when current TLD’s are very broad in comparison.

But I say, ignore the questions, ignore the issues.  Don’t just open up .eco.  No, that’s not good enough.  I want a environmental wacko “red light district”.  Every alarmist blog, website, non-profit and lobby should be forced to move their web presence to .eco.  Which will make it so much easier for me to block out in my router so that I never have to see any of it ever again.

This will probably be as successful as the .xxx TLD, right?

Thanks Al, you’re finally doing me a favor!  …outside of creating the Internet of course.