Alarming Waste

Today’s Washington Post includes a story on bisphenol A, a chemical that has been used to make flexible, clear plastic products–including baby bottles–since the late 1950s. Numerous studies have found it poses insignificant risks, and no one has ever documented any adverse human health effects. The American Council on Science and Health provides an good overview of the science.

Yet activist groups continue to hype the issue. In addition, a panel put together by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institute of Health, says that bisphenol A is a chemical of “high concern,” according to the Post. Basically, that means: “We still haven’t found any conclusive risks, but we want to raise political alarm bells.” Accordingly, FDA is now reviewing the panel findings, but as one spokesman told the Post: “We do not have a reason at this point to change our opinion that bisphenol A is safe.” All this amounts to: another alarming waste for your tax dollars and needless angst for concerned for parents.