America’s Worst State Attorney Generals Exposed; Consumers and Businesses Ripped Off

The nation’s worst state attorney generals use lawsuits as a weapon to redistribute billions of dollars from businesses and consumers to their wealthy trial-lawyer friends and their political cronies, as I document in a recent study.

They also fail to perform their most basic job duties, like defending state agencies and state laws against politically-motivated left-wing lawsuits.

The list of the nation’s worst state attorneys general can be found at this link.   The list is topped by California’s Jerry Brown, Connecticut’s Dick Blumenthal, and Oklahoma’s Drew Edmondson.

I explain why California Attorney General Jerry Brown is the nation’s worst state attorney general at this link.

The grades the worst attorney generals got are listed at the bottom of this link.

Earlier, I described the misdeeds of some memorably awful attorney generals, like Richard Blumenthal, Eliot Spitzer, and Bill Lockyer, in this Washington Examiner column. Eliot Spitzer made sure that his trial lawyer pals got paid at least $13,000 per hour. That op-ed described examples of state attorneys general using lawsuits to redistribute wealth from the public to their cronies. You can find it at this link.