And now for some musical venting

Yellow Day Brigade is a punk band that takes a decidedly unfashionable pro-freedom political stance, or as they call it, “Music consistent with the Non-Aggression Axiom.”

The abrasive sound waves aside, consider the amazement of some punk/hardcore enthusiasts when they discover The Yellow Day Brigade is staunchly against Leftist politics. In creating the rationalhardcore movement, The YDB seeks to create hardcore/punk music and culture steeped in anarcho-capitalist/paleo-libertarian discipline – And it will be done with or without the “mainstream hardcore/punk” empire. After all, isn’t secession central to real hardcore/punk?

Hyphenated ideological labels aside, their songs are mainly short adrenaline bursts of antistatist rage, something I always find welcome. (Thanks to Phil Blumel for the links.)