Anthem Film Festival Award Winners

We’ve been writing a lot this week about the most recent FreedomFest, the annual libertarian political conference in Las Vegas that concluded its 10th iteration last Saturday. In addition to dozens of panels, debates, and presentations over the conference’s four days, attendees were treated to the movies presented at the Anthem Film Festival, directed by the gracious and multi-talented Jo Ann Skousen.  

Below are a few of the award-winning favorites from this year’s festival. You can register for FreedomFest 2018 (July 11-14) here.

FreedomFest Grand Prize, Best Narrative Feature, and Best Original Score: Little Pink House (Courtney Balaker, writer and director)

Special Jury Prize: Go to Where the Light Is: Escaping North Korea (Josh Oldham, director)

Excellence in Filmmaking, Documentary Feature: School, Inc. (Andrew Coulson, director)

Best Short Documentary: Mama Rwanda (Laura Waters Hinson director)

Best Libertarian Ideals, Short Documentary: Silence U (Rob Montz, director)

And finally, don’t forget our own entry into the Anthem Film Festival: I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit (Pip Gilmour, director). Read co-writer and co-producer Helen Straight’s recap of the film’s reception at FreedomFest, “The Other Kind of Documentary,” here.