Back Freedom in the Czech Republic

Here at CEI we are big fans of Czech classical liberals. We published former Czech President Vaclav Klaus’s excellent book on environmental policy, Blue Planet in Green Shackles. And barely a day goes by without our founder Fred Smith mentioning Joseph Schumpeter.

That’s why we’re delighted to see that our friends Martin Panek and Dominik Stroukal are attempting to relaunch the Liberal Institute in Prague. Their first project is a worthy one. Here’s how they describe it:

It’s been 240 years since The Wealth of Nations was first published. However, the Czech translation of this great book is sold out and has been for far too long. The current generation of students has no chance to come across this book in bookstores. Indeed, I myself never had the chance to buy this book.

Therefore, we decided to re-publish it. We are doing this under the name of the Liberal Institute (Liberální institut), the original publisher. Although, we haven’t stopped working and influencing the public debate in the Czech Republic, the last few years was a difficult time for us.

What other way to get back to our full potential than with Adam Smith’s classic?

We know you, like us, care about liberty, economics, and education. It would mean the world to us if you could consider contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

With the money we get, we will:

  • re-publish the Czech translation of The Wealth of Nations and send it to our backers
  • publish, for the first time, Czech translations of Adam Smith’s works as e-books and make them available for free
  • digitize the archive of the Liberal Institute (over 100 books) and make these e-books available for free

Your contribution will help to spread the ideas of liberty.

They’re almost at their target (147,000 out of 150,000 Czech Koruna). Let’s help get them over the top.