Bad omen for freedom of the press in Sweden, again…

You might have heard about the chaos surrounding the Swedish executive branch lately. First, an undersecretary that was on call for the evening was caught on camera making out with a television reporter covering said executive office. The undersecretary was supposedly tipsy at the time. She was finally let go with a 2 million Swedish kronor parachute that will be paid out over the next two years.

Enter replacement undersecretary, who barely made it more than a couple of days in the office before the headlines exposed her use of black market construction labor to the tune of about 60 thousand Swedish kronor.

The most recent development is that the proscutor’s office raided the television station of the reporter the first undersecretary was caught making out with. The goal of the raid; to get the receipt from the pub that fateful night when the photo was taken.

This is the second time in a few months that Swedish prosecuting authorities raids the offices of the television station, ignoring any consideration to source protection and transparency. The big question I have after all of this is: What on earth the police need that receipt for? None of the stories answers that question.