Bailouts Incite More Demands for Handouts

Maryland’s government, which recently raised taxes by record amounts to pay for more government spending, welfare, and public-employee salaries, is now pleading for a federal bailout, with the assistance of liberal lawmakers like Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen.  They’re citing the “stimulus package” passed by Congress as a precedent for demands for still more welfare (the “stimulus package” gave a rebate even to people who do little work, while denying a tax rebate to heavily-taxed middle-class people in high-living-cost areas whose income exceeds an arbitrary level, effectively producing an increase in marginal tax rates). 

The Washington Examiner criticizes the demands for more welfare by lawmakers like Van Hollen here

The Washington Post explains that provisions in the stimulus package are actually causing a “bubble” in prosperous farm states that didn’t even need any welfare from the federal government.

We earlier discussed the bogus claims of Maryland’s state government regarding food stamps.