Banksy on the Sweatshop of Western Civilization via The Simpsons

Socialist guerilla artist Banksy uploaded a “couch gag” for The Simpsons to YouTube, which Fox aired last night.

The Simpsons is a highly-merchandised capital enterprise that has grossed $527 million since its debut in 1989. Now in its twenty-second season, The Simpsons has broadcast 467 episodes and was the first Fox show to land in the Top 30 ratings for a season.

Banksy makes his disgust for capitalism perfectly clear in his depiction of The Simpsons as a sweatshop representative of western civilization.

You’re able to enjoy these clips due to your own advanced technology — as we speak I’m uploading this post from my Droid.

Banksy makes a point that we should be aware of the cost of capitalism. Yet be grateful that the children Banksy depicts in this clip are hanging celluloid screen shots, rather than prostituting themselves or having been kidnapped into violent slavery.

Capitalism makes the world better for everyone, even those at the bottom of the trickle-down ladder.

Watch the clip before YouTube removes it again: