Be a Giver with DonorsTrust and State Policy Network in Salt Lake City


This week the State Policy Network is holding its legendary annual meeting, this time in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. With hundreds of delegates from dozens of organizations and more sessions and events than any single person could take in, the annual meeting offers an overwhelming plentitude of smart ideas on public policy. If you’re in town, you’ll definitely want to set aside time tomorrow afternoon for the panel sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, How to Launch a Digital Campaign with Limited Budget and Resources.

But that’s not the only game in town. DonorsTrust is also running the “Be a Giver” game, via which attendees can vote for their favorite nonprofit groups in attendance with tokens. Pick up a token from the DonorsTrust booth, and then drop it in the donation box at your favorite exhibitor table (as my distinguished colleague, Scooter Schaefer, is doing in the photo above). The organization that collects the most tokens then wins a fabulous cash prize. This means that everyone in Salt Lake City for the big event this week should make their way to CEI’s table and deposit their token where it can fuel the fight for free markets and limited government. Thanks in advance for your generosity.