Beacon Center Nominated for Templeton Freedom Award

Our friends at the Atlas Network recently announced the finalists for their top honor, the Templeton Freedom Award.

Congrats, firstly, to the hard-working folks of the Beacon Center of Tennessee for their “Tackle the Hall Tax” advocacy campaign, which led to the repeal of the state’s tax on investment income.

CEI was lucky enough to have our display table right next to the Beacon Center at the State Policy Network 25th anniversary Annual Meeting in San Antonio, so we know they’re doing quality work. They were promoting their new documentary, Rigged: the Injustice of Corporate Welfare, which describes how “We’re punishing the 98% in order to reap reward upon reward to the 2%.” Beacon is sponsoring a series of film screening throughout Tennessee this Fall, so if you’re down in the Volunteer State, check them out.

Speaking of rigged deals, check out Samantha Berten’s latest on the prospect of major league soccer in Nashville, and the need to keep taxpayers from getting soaked for the cost of a new stadium.