Bed Bugs Bite Liberals: Will They Call for DDT?

As bed bugs gnaw on liberal reporters at CNN, perhaps there is a chance some will reconsider their views of DDT. CNN offices apparently have an abundant supply of these annoying and disturbing little creatures.

Before it were banned in 1970’s, DDT helped reduce and eradicate these once common bugs in the United States. But they are back with a vengeance–but DDT is long gone from U.S. markets. Now the bugs are so hard to control that they are infesting cities around the nation–in hotels, homes, and offices.

Yet many people support DDT bans, regardless of the consequences in other countries. Millions of children die every year in developing nations from mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria that could be controlled with limited use of DDT. Yet advocating its increased use there is too politically incorrect for many Americans on the left who wrongly think DDT cannot be used in a safe and effective manner.

But now that the misguided DDT ban has hit home (and the office)–albeit in a much less serious, but very annoying way–will the left reconsider?