Bell Canada Throttling P2P May Turn into Net Neutrality War

Ars predicts that a new war over net neutrality has begun in Canada. The ISP Bell Canada was discovered to have reduced the speed of peer-to-peer downloaders in order to manage network traffic congestion. That got a bunch of net neutrality proponents upset, and now the head of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has stated that he will investigate net neutrality issues soon. In other words: Prepare for battle, Canadians!

Net neutrality may be a good idea for some private ISPs to adopt (or maybe all ISPs to offer on some plans), but it should not be mandated by government. ISPs need incentives to experiment and to invest in the next generation of pipes – not to have their networks bogged down by bandwidth hogs.

If net neutrality legislation comes to our northern neighbor, will suffering users and ISPs have to blame Bell Canada?