Big Money Loves Big Government

Reuters is finally catching up with CEI’s own Tim Carney. In a story today, Tim McLaughlin reports that political contributions by the biggest Wall Street financial firms are now favoring Democrats, despite decades of conventional wisdom casting the Republicans as the party of the nation’s “monied interests.” Tim, of course, has been on this story for a long time, explaining why both the wealthiest individuals and the biggest companies often give far more to Democrats than to Republicans, for a number of reasons, almost all of them having to do with a desire to make government more intrusive, burdensome and expensive (for the other guy). Dive into Tim’s counterintutive reportage here with “Rich Truths: Billionaires Not for Bush.”

And I almost forgot – if you haven’t already, you’ll want to make your way to your favorite purveyor of fine books and purchase a copy of Tim’s book, The Big Ripoff. You’ll be glad you did.