‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’ Joins CEI

Having photobombed a Janet Yellen congressional appearance with a “Buy Bitcoin” sign, newly famous “Bitcoin Sign Guy” is taking a stint with us here at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He’ll be studying, writing on, and advocating for cryptographic monetary alternatives.

Bitcoin Sign Guy rankled Congress and delighted the cryptocurrency community last week when he advocated for Bitcoin on live television just as the Federal Reserve chair was arguing against transparency for the central bank she runs.

A recent college graduate, Bitcoin Sign Guy will take an internship with CEI, working on financial technology, Bitcoin, and the burgeoning variety of cryptocurrencies emerging on the scene to compete with government monopoly money.

Bitcoin and crypto can stabilize and grow economies around the world, increase financial privacy, and expand human liberty. The rising generation sees this, and they are impatient for these changes to take hold. If you have a heart, there really is an urgent need to expand adoption of this revolutionary technology. That makes it forgivable if there was any impertinence when Bitcoin Sign Guy put this message directly in front of Congress and the American people.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that CEI accepts Bitcoin donations. At the top of this page, roll over the “Donate” tab and select “Donate BTC.”

We appreciate your support of our support for Bitcoin Sign Guy, and for financial freedom, reducing the regulatory burden, and seeking prosperity for all through economic growth.