Bootsy Collins He Ain’t

If, as Saul Alinsky, said, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” then it’s effective against even hiding foes, like Iraq’s violent insurgents—and especially when the ridicule is deployed by private citizens. In Iraq, “Hurry Up, He’s Dead,” a popular new TV show that features a fake newscast delivered by “a wacky-looking man with a giant Afro wig and star-shaped glasses” is giving viewers an outlet to vent against the country’s precarious situation, reports The New York Times. The show has featured a character named “Rums bin Feld,” and, notes the Times, lampoons, “[e]ven the militias wreaking havoc on the country.” If the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, it’s because of words’ power to skewer. (Thanks to Margaret Griffis for the tip. Free registration required for the Times link.)