Bowing to the Multicultural Idol

Maryland legislators are inflicting a moronic new “diversity” mandate on Maryland colleges.

Legislation to force institutions of higher learning in Maryland to create “cultural diversity” programs is making its way through the General Assembly with little opposition from lawmakers — who should be defending academic freedom, not crushing it. HB 905, which passed the House of Delegates 122-to-9, requires all colleges and universities that receive state aid to submit a yearly report on what they’ve done “to promote and enhance cultural diversity.” A companion bill sailed through the state Senate on an equally lopsided 41-6 vote.

The Examiner condemns this as an assault on academic freedom, noting that “all of Maryland’s institutions of higher learning, public and private, will be forced to bow before the same multicultural idol.”

The “diversity” requirement will probably end up enriching the worst kind of scam artists, the “diversity consultants” (like the notorious racist and race-baiter Glenn Singleton) who will now be hired by foolish college administrators to “promote” diversity. Diversity training often backfires on the institutions that hire diversity trainers, and sometimes even leads to discrimination and civil-rights lawsuits against those institutions, by both minority and white employees.