California Governor Plans Another Climate Action Summit

California Governor Jerry Brown announced July 6th that he will host a Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September 2018. The summit will focus on how to decarbonize the world. Brown is a leader of the climate change movement and pushed for President Trump to remain in the Paris Climate Treaty, claiming that the majority of Americans actually want to be part of the treaty. The climate summit is open to people “who represent the whole world,” which includes singers and musicians, so that they can join together and save the Earth from the threat of climate change. This summit will show the continued support for the Paris Climate Treaty and build support for California and other states to adopt policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

California has been pushing toward renewable energy for years, and Gov. Jerry Brown has backed multiple new renewable projects in the state. Brown made it difficult for the construction of new fossil fuel power plants and effectively dismantled California’s nuclear energy portfolio. As a result of California’s departure from baseload energy suppliers, the state is reliant on energy imports from its neighboring states. California imports one quarter of its energy according to an EIA study done this March, and most of those imports come from the southwest grid which primarily produces fossil energy. Brown wants the United States to be more like California, but his aggressive renewable strategy isn’t working.