CEI Dinner in The Washington Post

The Washington Post‘s “Names and Faces section cites Christopher Buckley’s speech at CEI’s 2007 Dinner (scroll down to the last item):

· Christopher Buckley was in fine form at Thursday night’s Competitive Enterprise Institute annual dinner, the Reliable Source’s Amy Argetsinger reports. The political satirist and author of “Thank You for Smoking” threw out zingers like “Don’t you miss the Cold War? That was so much more fun than this one,” “In France elections take 36 days. Not a perfect system — you still end up with a French president” and “It would be refreshing for once to hear a candidate say, ‘You know, I’ve lived in Washington all my life. I know how it works. I know how to cut deals. I know where the bodies are buried. You don’t need to send me to Washington — I’m already here! Some of my best friends are lawyers!’ ” Ba-da-bing!

— Korin Miller