CEI FOIA Reveals Clinton Email Security NDA


Earlier this year, CEI filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department as part of its inquiry into developing a successor regime to the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.  For example, CEI hopes to obtain records shedding light on the Global Climate Fund (GCF) that then-Secretary Hillary Clinton proposed as a means to rescue the December 2009 Copenhagen "climate talks" from collapse, and why and how the administration decided to claim that an obvious treaty isn't a treaty, after all.  

The GCF aspires to be a $100 billion per year wealth transfer from wealthy countries to others, surely to then rise over the years.  It is central to the upcoming talks this December in Paris when the administration is expected to agree to a successor to the failed Kyoto treaty.  Paris, whose draft text was recently revealed, is a treaty in everything but name, as President Obama seeks to dodge Senate exercise of its shared role in the treaty process, by insisting that Paris is not a treaty because he says it isn't.  

As such, CEI also seeks records shedding light on the revolutionary decision to proceed in replacing a treaty with an even more stringent agreement which somehow isn't a treaty — one which now contains a "Climate Justice Tribunal" and which by its own terms will renew and tighten every five years, unlike Kyoto which had one five-year compliance period. 

We now know but sought to confirm whether all such records CEI seeks would be on Mrs. Clinton's private email server.  After receiving no cooperation from the State Department on its key threshold request, CEI was forced to sue. CEI's first step was to seek documents relating to the email and record keeping and security practices of Secretary Clinton and her inner circle, including if they submitted the required attestation whether they possessed any work-related emails on non-official accounts or thumb drives.  

This suit led, last night, to the production of a document to CEI that reveals that then-Secretary Clinton signed an NDA that laid out criminal penalties for “any unauthorized disclosure” of classified information.  This disclosure goes beyond the "climate" issue, of course, but is of far broader interest. The document is excerpted below and can be found in full here.