CEI Reacts to President’s SOTU Address


Lawson Bader, president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), offered the following response to the State of the Union address this evening:

“Whenever a president starts talking about economic inequality and more ways the government can help, keep one eye on your wallet and the other on your liberty. This especially rings true after President Obama laid out his policy agenda tonight, which continues to drive up costs, increase burdensome regulations, and weaken our economy. It’s clear the need for regulatory restraint and reform has never been greater, and Congress must stem the ever-increasing overreach of executive branch power. All of his plans for programs and benefits under the guise of a free price tag only place heavier costs on Americans. The President did teach us the new concept of ‘middle class economics,’ forgetting an older concept called ‘theft.’"

Read more from Lawson Bader on the State of the Union in Human Events: “Please, stop breaking windows.”

For information about the solutions CEI offers on energy, labor, finance, and other regulatory issues facing the nation, check out the preview to CEI’s forthcoming Agenda for the 114th Congress here.



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