CEI Takes on Antitrust


There is a concerted effort from elements on both sides of the political aisle to use antitrust law to regulate and ultimately break apart Big Tech companies.

This is a grave mistake, and would represent one of the largest and most visible government interventions into the economy we’ve seen in decades. That’s why Competitive Enterprise Institute scholars work tirelessly to counter misleading narratives on tech regulation and calls for heavy-handed use of antitrust laws.

I wanted to draw your attention to a few recent developments in CEI’s work:

To be clear, many of those calling for increased regulation of Big Tech have valid concerns. But as my colleague Iain Murray explains, market forces are better equipped to handle these problems than government regulators.

CEI is fighting to make sure America’s tech sector remains a vibrant source of innovation, without barriers to entry or burdensome regulations. A strong 21st Century economy depends on it.