CEI Weekly: CEI Challenges Big Labor Corruption at AFP Conference

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CEI Weekly

November 11, 2011

>>Featured Story

Last week, several CEI policy analysts spoke at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Fifth Annual “Defending the American Dream Summit.” CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio participated in the “Big Labor vs. Jobs and Freedom” event on Saturday, November 5. Watch the highlight reel of his appearance here or watch the full video of the event here.

>> Shaping the Debate

Fred Weekly: Occupy Wall Street
Fred Smith’s weekly vodcast

Making it Legal to Tweet for Investors
John Berlau’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal

Plastic Bag Bans Are Bad for the Environment
Angela Logomasini’s new CEI Web Memo

Lawless Net Neutrality vs. the “Resolution of Disapproval”
Wayne Crews’ column in Forbes

A Backdoor Tax on the Poor
Ryan Young’s op-ed on The Hill’s Congress Blog

Michigan’s Keg-Tracking Won’t Stop Underage Drinking
Michelle Minton’s op-ed on Michigan Capitol Confidential

Why Obama Officials Had to Lie to Congress About Fuel Efficiency Standards
Marlo Lewis’ op-ed on BigGovernment

Government Bureaucrats Can’t Prevent Data Breaches
Ryan Radia and Luke Pelican’s op-ed in The Daily Caller

Blame Transfer Day
John Berlau’s op-ed in The American Spectator

A Stake in Financial Markers
Fred Smith’s letter to the editor in The Washington Post

The Stop Online Privacy Act: Big Content’s Full-on Assault Against the Safe Harbor
Ryan Radia’s citation on ArsTechnica

The Politics of Campus Sexual Assault

Hans Bader’s citation on RealClearPolitics

STB Decision Delaying Action on Rail Switching Leaves Shipper Group Hot Under Collar
Marc Scribner’s citation on DC Velocity

>> Best of the Blogs

Freedom Equals Money: Direct Wine Shipping in New York Pays Out
By Michelle Minton

U.S. Sugar Program Hurts Businesses and Kills Jobs
By Daniel Rivera Greenwood

EPA’s Sinister Franken-Regs
By William Yeatman

Department of Labor Sells Out Union Members for Big Labor’s 1%
By Trey Kovacs

This Week in the Congress
By Myron Ebell

>> CEI Podcast

November 10, 2011: Eminent Domain Abuse

Land-use and Transportation Policy Analyst Marc Scribner explains why allowing the government to seize land from its owners and give it to developers is a bad idea. Voters in Mississippi agree; on Tuesday they overwhelmingly passed a ballot initiative that would place limits on eminent domain abuse. Marc discusses the pros and cons of Mississippi’s initiative and the prospects for reform in other states.