CEI Weekly: CEI Hosts Lively Hill Briefing on E-Verify

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CEI Weekly

November 4, 2011

>>Featured Story

Last week, CEI hosted a Capitol Hill briefing on E-Verify, the electronic employment verification system that may soon become mandatory for American businesses if some Congressmen have their way. After an engaging panel discussion, legislative staffers in the audience sparked a long debate on the merits of E-Verify which eventually led one panelist to call the briefing the best he’d ever been a part of. Watch the highlights of the briefing here. The full video of the event is here.

>> Shaping the Debate

Long Island Railroad Pension Fraud Case Could Be Largest Ever
Vincent Vernuccio’s interview on Fox Business

Official Time: Government Workers Perform Union Duties on the Taxpayers’ Dime
Vincent Vernuccio and Trey Kovacs’ article in Labor Watch

Yes, Regulation Does Keep Unemployment High

Wayne Crews and Ryan Young’s op-ed on RealClearMarkets

Election Day Alcohol Tremors
Angela Logomasini’s op-ed in The Michigan Capitol Confidential

Long Island Railroad Workers Scam $1 Billion in Disability Benefits

Vincent Vernuccio and Matt Patterson’s op-ed on FoxNews.com

Regulation is This Halloween’s Goblin
Matthew Melchiorre’s op-ed in The Daily Caller

Liquor Delivery Charges Needed

Michelle Minton’s letter to the editor in The Detroit News

Weighing the Value of a Law Degree
Hans Bader’s letter to the editor in The New York Times

7 Billion People Isn’t the Problem
Myron Ebell’s citation in The Orange County Register

New Law Would Require Warrant for GPS Tracking

Ryan Radia’s citation on ReadWriteWeb

>> Best of the Blogs

Keystone XL Pipeline: Alleged Conflict of Interest Much Ado About Nothing?
By Marlo Lewis

Wealthy Chanhassen, Minnesota NIMBYs Oppose Retail Competition, Support Development Socialism
By Marc Scribner

The Great Receding
By Matt Patterson

College Students: Check Yourself Before You Wreck the Economy
By Jackie Moreau

>> CEI Podcast

November 3, 2011: Scary Makeup — Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini debunks scare stories that chemicals in makeup and other household products cause cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects, and other health problems. The cardinal rule of toxicology is that the dose makes the poison. That dose just isn’t there in cosmetics, no matter how loud the shouts of some activists. For more information, see the new CEI study, “The True Story of Cosmetics: Exposing the Risks of the Smear Campaign,” by Dana Joel Gattuso.