CEI Weekly: CEI Launches “Resourceful Earth” Project

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CEI Weekly
June 24, 2011

>>Featured Story

CEI’s new grassroots website, Resourceful Earth, is an educational project designed to better inform the public about natural resource production. The site includes updates on special interest attempts to block new energy projects and comprehensive rebuttals to disinformation campaigns about natural resources. Read more about the new project here.

>>Shaping the Debate

There’s No “Average” Cancer Patient

Greg Conko’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal


FOIA Request to Department of Transportation

Marc Scribner’s request letter, filed on behalf of CEI


Catching Air Without NASA: How Will We Regulate Commercial Space Flight

Wayne Crews’ column in Forbes


Regulators Should Regulate Economy, Not Intervene In It

Ryan Young and Jacqueline Otto’s op-ed in The Daily Caller


My Mother-in-Law is Owed an Apology

Ryan Young’s op-ed in The American Spectator


Republicans, Employers Cry Foul on New Labor Dept, NLRB Rules

Vincent Vernuccio’s op-ed in The Daily Caller


Liberate ATMs and Credit Unions to Jumpstart Jobs

John Berlau’s blog post in Big Government


Bachmann, Pawlenty, and the 20,000 Millionaires Myth

John Berlau’s op-ed in National Review Online


Upton: The House Will Vote to Bring Back the Bulb

Myron Ebell’s citation in The Detroit News


Obama Urges Use of Foreign Capital Boost

John Berlau’s citation in The Washington Times


FCC Aims to Get Carriers’ Sticky Fingers Out of Customers’ Pockets

Ryan Radia’s citation in TechNewsWorld

>>Best of the Blogs

Taxpayers vs. the Post Office Bureaucracy

By Vincent Vernuccio


A Definition of Unsustainable: A Long-Term Budget Outlook

By Iain Murray


Improve Americans’ Physical and Fiscal Health: Cut Out the FDA

By Michelle Minton


That Footnote in Yesterday’s Global Warming Ruling

By Sam Kazman



>> CEI Podcast

June 23. 2011: Bunker Fuel

Bunker fuel is  a heavy fuel used by large ships around the world. Oil tankers, container ships, and more rely on bunker fuel because it’s cheaper than other kinds of fuel. Land Use and Transportation Policy Analyst Marc Scribner takes a look at new environmental regulations in California intended to reduce bunker fuel usage. The rules are actually causing many ships to use more bunker fuel, not less. If proposed fixes succeed, the result would essentially be a tariff on most global trade — a $16 trillion industry.