CEI Weekly: CEI Looks at Finances of Big Unions

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CEI Weekly
November 19, 2010

>>Featured Story

Union members are used to paying dues; but do they know how their money is being spent? A new video created by CEI Labor Policy Analyst Vincent Vernuccio takes a closer look at the financial reports of major unions. Vernuccio appeared on Fox Business this week to talk about the video and to explain how unions’ financial reports reveal union leaders’ true priorities. Watch the interview here.

>>Shaping the Debate
Chances for $4 Billion “Green Car” Bailout Improving
Chris Horner’s interview on Your World With Cavuto

He’s Not Worthy
Vincent Vernuccio’s interview on Varney & Co.

Court Should Kill California’s Video Game Law
Ryan Radia’s op-ed on AOL News

High-Speed Train Wreck
Iain Murray and Marc Scribner’s op-ed in The McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Stop Pretending It’s High-Speed Rail
Marc Scribner’s op-ed in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Sierra Club’s War on Coal
Chris Horner’s Study in Capital Research Center’s Green Watch

Cap-and-Tax is Dead But Kyotoism is Alive and Well at the EPA
Marlo Lewis’ op-ed in The Washington Examiner

Agencies Target ‘Blackout in a Can’
Greg Conko’s citation in The Washington Post

>>Best of the Blogs

GM IPO Date Set For Tomorrow: What’s Good for GM is Bad for the Rest of America
By John Berlau

TSA Versus America
By Brian McGraw

Celebrate Egyptian Blogger Kareem Amer’s Freedom by Defending Free Speech
By Michelle Minton

Fiscal Commission Should Support Increased Energy Production, Not Increased Energy Taxes
By Ben Lieberman

Be Thankful For BPA-Lined Goods This Thanksgiving
By Angela Logomasini

>>CEI Podcast

November 15, 2010: Free Speech and Video Games

Associate Director of Technology Studies Ryan Radia gives his take on a Supreme Court case concerning California’s ban of violent video game sales to minors. Keeping such things away from children is traditionally a job for parents.

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