CEI Weekly: CEI Opposes National ID on Fox News

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CEI Weekly
March 19, 2010

>>CEI Argues Against National Biometric ID Cards on Fox News
CEI’s Alex Nowrasteh appeared on Fox News to argue against a new proposal for a new form of biometric identification that violates individual privacy.

>>CEI Testifies Before Congress on the Role of Government in Innovation
CEI’s Wayne Crews testified this week in front of the House Committee on Science and Technology on the “America COMPETES Act.” He testified that the intervention of government in innovation will limit the growth of innovation.

>>Shaping the Debate
Will the Jobs Bill Create Any Jobs?
Ryan Young’s article in the American Spectator

Dodd’s Main Street Punishment Bill
John Berlau’s article in BigGovernment.com

Don’t Buy Hype on Plastic Baby Bottles
Angela Logomasini’s article in Sun Sentinel

Reaction to FCC’s Broadband Plan
Ryan Radia’s quote in PC World

>>Best of the Blogs
Senate Passes $18,000,000,000 Spending Bill: Will it Create Jobs?
by Ryan Young
The Senate just passed an $18 billion spending bill. Since the House already passed it, the legislation is now headed to President Obama’s desk to await his signature and become law. The hope is that the spending will create jobs. If you’re reading this blog, then you probably know enough about economics to know that isn’t what will actually happen.

Some U.K. government ads on global warming too scary
by Fran Smith
“Is global warming the new apocalypse?” asks The Times of London in an article focusing on children’s fears about global warming in the context of a scare-mongering U.K. government advertising  campaign to promote climate-change awareness.
Recently the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that some of the campaign’s print ads using nursery rhymes overstated the risks of global warming and were to be banned.

Human Achievement of the Day: Human Nature
by Michelle Minton
Leave it to man to improve upon mother nature. Sure, she’s got trees of every shape color and size, they rustle in the breeze, and produce life-giving oxygen, but can her trees produce jet fuel? Now, ours can:
Over at Columbia University, professor Klaus S. Lackner has one-upped the natural world by coming up with a synthetic tree that can absorb carbon dioxide 1000 times faster than “old-style” trees and hundreds of times faster than windmill generators.

>>LibertyWeek Podcast
Episode 84: Detroit Seizing Destiny, Property
Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott and Dave Weigel come together bring you episode 84. We cover Washington state’s death wish, new polling on the politics of healthcare, private investment in space exploration, eminent domain abuse in Detroit and the effects of cocaine use on global warming.

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