CEI Weekly: CEI Thanks Pro-Worker Congressmen at Awards Ceremony

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CEI Weekly
September 23, 2011

>>Featured Story

On Wednesday, CEI hosted an awards ceremony on Capitol Hill for the Congressmen who have earned 100% Pro-Worker scores on the WorkplaceChoice Congressional Labor Scorecard. Learn more about the event—and read press releases from Reps. Michelle Bachmann and Jeff Landry about receiving the awards—here.  

>>Shaping the Debate
Principal-Agent Problem Meets the Public Sector
Fred Smith & Jacqueline Otto’s op-ed in The Freeman

Obama the Greek
Iain Murray’s op-ed in The American Spectator

Google and the Antitrust Case Against Antitrust
Wayne Crews’ column in Forbes

Michigan on Brink of Massive Education Reform
Vincent Vernuccio’s op-ed on Townhall

Two Cheers for a Big U.S. Trade Deficit

Dave Bier & Ivan Osorio’s op-ed in Forbes

Testimony on Western Area Power Administration
William Yeatman’s testimony before House Water and Power Subcommittee

Liberate the Jobs
John Berlau’s post in a National Review symposium

In Wake of Quake, California Would Benefit Most From “Affordability Act”
Michelle Minton’s citation in The Washington Times

>>Best of the Blogs
Not Easy to Disentangle the Legal and Value Aspects of Marriage—But it is Important!
By Fred Smith

Tax-and-Spend is not a “Jobs” Plan
By Matthew Melchiorre

Obama Wants a GM Bailout Tax on Banks and Customers
By John Berlau

Blame China for Solyndra’s Downfall?
By Marlo Lewis

>> CEI Podcast

September 22, 2011: E-Verify

E-Verify is a program that checks the immigration status of new hires. The House is expected to vote on legislation that would make E-Verify mandatory nationwide. Policy Analyst Alex Nowrasteh thinks E-Verify should be scrapped altogether. Not only does it make it more expensive for companies to hire people, it misses over half of the undocumented immigrants it is supposed to identify.