CEI Weekly: Chris Horner Writes New Book: “Power Grab”

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CEI Weekly
April 9, 2010

>>Chris Horner Publishes new Book on Green Policies
CEI’s Chris Horner, author of Red Hot Lies, has just finished his new book Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America. The book will be available on Amazon on April 19th. Read more about the book at CEI.

>>Iain Murray Pays Respect to Coal Miners
CEI’s Iain Murray, in his op-ed in the Investor’s Business Daily, paid respects to the coal miners killed in West Virginia this weekend by writing about the experiences of coal mining towns that exist in the United States and the United Kingdom. Read his op-ed, God Bless the People of Coal Country, here.

>>Shaping the Debate
How can Obamacare be Truly Fixed
Gregory Conko’s op-ed in the Washington Times

The Deadly Price of the Auto Mileage Mandate
William Yeatman’s op-ed in the AOL Times

A Community Activist With No Regrets
CEI cited in the Wall Street Journal

The Other Individual Mandate
John Berlau’s op-ed in the Daily Caller

EPA’s Ginormous Power Grab
Iain Murray’s op-ed in the Washington Times

Canadian Defense Against Climategate
Chris Horner’s citation in the American Spectator

What Would Reagan do About Climate Change
Myron Ebell’s quote in the Los Angeles Times

>>Best of the Blogs
Rent Seekers Keep it Phony
by Angela Logomasini
Why does industry sometimes (all to often) support government regulation? You would think they would prize their freedom. But think again. Many businesses are willing to use the government to get a competitive advantage, an activity economists call rent seeking. And, unfortunately, some will even work in tandem with unscrupulous activists to spread misinformation about a competitor’s product and then call for government bans.

How Wisely is Stimulus Money Being Spent
by Ryan Young
Not at all, to be honest. For starters, the very notion of stimulus violates basic economics. Taking money out of the economy and then putting it back in has no net effect. But it gets worse. Much worse.

When that money is put back into the economy, it goes to the weirdest places — $3.4 million is going to Florida to build a tunnel under U.S. Highway 27, so turtles can cross safely.

The Story of Leftist Propaganda in Schools
by Ivan Osorio
At BigHollywood.com, Anne McIlhinney critiques the anti-industrial environmental propaganda film, The Story of Stuff. The film’s narrator, Annie Leonard, argues that modern civilization uses too many resources to produce too many things. The film is so idiotic (I’ve seen part of it) that it ordinarily wouldn’t merit a response–except for the fact that it’s being shown in schools around the United States.

>>LibertyWeek Podcast
Episode 87: Digital Due Process
Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott, Marc Scribner and Ryan Radia bring you episode 87. We take on politics in the land of Lincoln, the chances of a union pension fund bailout, the fallout from Climategate and the strange bedfellows of electronic privacy.

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