CEI Weekly: Congress Should Start Quantifying Federal Regulation

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CEI Weekly

October 7, 2011

>>Featured Story

CEI has released a new Issue Analysis by Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews: “The Other National Debt Crisis: How and Why Congress Must Quantify Federal Regulation.” Crews argues that the federal government must start holding itself truly accountable for the costs it is forcing on struggling American businesses if the nation is to pull itself out of its current economic slump. Read the full Issue Analysis here.

>> Shaping the Debate

Free Trade Without Apology

Fran Smith and Nick DeLong‘s CEI OnPoint

Why Your Bank is Charging New Fees

John Berlau‘s op-ed in National Review

Rising China: The Seen and the Unseen

Bill Frezza‘s op-ed on RealClearMarkets

Time Out for Federal Regulation

Wayne Crews‘ column in Forbes

Nobel Prize for Physics

Ryan Young‘s op-ed in The Daily Caller

Stimulus Slows Our Economy

Iain Murray and Dave Bier‘s op-ed in The Washington Times

Clean Air’s Dirty Residue

Iain Murray‘s op-ed in The American Spectator

Book Review: Force of Nature

Angela Logomasini‘s book review in The Washington Times

Today’s Red Tape Would Have Killed Home Depot’s IPO

John Berlau‘s letter to the editor in The Wall Street Journal

Capital Gains Tax Far Too High

Hans Bader‘s letter to the editor in The Washington Times

>> Best of the Blogs

Occupy Wall Street Protestors Make Demands
By Ryan Young

The Legal Battle Over Honolulu’s Train to Nowhere
By Marc Scribner

Arctic Ice Loss: Portent of Doom or Reason to Rethink IPCC Climate Sensitivity Assumptions
By Marlo Lewis

Rushing Headlong Over a Cliff
By Marita Noon

>> CEI Podcast

October 6, 2011: How to Deregulate the Economy

Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews is author of the new CEI study, “The Other National Debt Crisis: How and Why Congress Must Quantify Regulation.” He discusses a few of his many ideas for deregulating the economy, including a regulatory budget, improved cost analysis, and lowering the threshold of “economically significant” regulations from $100 million to $25 million. This would require OMB to review more than the roughly 5 percent of new rules that it currently analyzes. The other 95 percent should not slip through the cracks.