CEI Weekly: Endangered Species Act Being Exploited to Block Economic Activity

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CEI Weekly
May 20, 2011

>>Featured Story

On Saturday’s Washington Journal, Myron Ebell and Bill Snape had a combative back-and-forth about the costs and benefits of the Endangered Species Act. Mr. Snape argued that more species should be added to the endangered list; while Myron countered that the Act has largely become a legal tool to block projects that are unpopular with certain environmental groups. The two experts also took several questions from callers. Watch the full segment here.

>>Shaping the Debate

Free Market Groups Applaud Proposed Privacy Law Reforms

CEI’s joint statement with TechFreedom and Americans for Tax Reform

IRS Global Data Sharing Threatens Bank Solvency, Privacy and Human Rights

John Berlau’s testimony before a May 18th IRS hearing

Feds’ Online Poker Shutdown Assaults Internet Freedom
Michelle Minton’s post on BigGovernment

Hands Off Google
Wayne Crews’ letter to the editor in The Washington Times

Regulatory Onslaught Threatens to Destroy Jobs, Drive Up Gas Prices
CEI’s citation on John Boehner’s blog

In Right’s Energy-Subsidy Clash, Shades of Koch vs. Pickens
CEI’s citation in The New York Times’ Greenwire

>>Best of the Blogs

CEI Files Another Amicus Brief Challenging Obamacare
By Hans Bader

Is the U.S. Serious About Trade and Economic Growth–Or About Currying Favor With Trade Unions?
By Fran Smith

USDA’s War on Potatoes

By Greg Conko

NFL Case Illustrates Power of Unions
by Iain Murray

Felix Salmon on Internet Gambling
by Brian McGraw

Two Stupid Energy/Environmental Policies That Starve Poor People
By William Yeatman

>> CEI Podcast

May 18. 2011: Suing Chuck E Cheese

Communications Coordinator Lee Doren breaks down a bizarre class action lawsuit against Chuck E. Cheese’s. The suit accuses the company of offering gambling services to minors.