CEI Weekly: Frankenfoods Are Here to Stay

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CEI Weekly
November 26, 2010

>>Featured Story

As more genetically-modified products become available on the market, more and more natural foodists protest that genetically-modified foods are “tampering” with nature. CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko appeared on Fox Business’ Stossel this week to defend the merits of so-called “Frankenfood.” Watch the interview here.

>>Shaping the Debate
It’s Time to End the Ethanol Boondoggle
Fred Smith and Brian McGraw’s op-ed in The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Never Ready for Prime Time

Chris Horner and William Yeatman’s op-ed in The McClatchy-Tribune News Service

The Ecological Monster Who Said . . . Peep
Ben Lieberman’s op-ed in The Washington Times

What’s Good for GM is Now Terrible for America
John Berlau’s op-ed in The American Spectator

GM Selling at a Loss Should Tell You Something

Iain Murray’s op-ed in The Daily Caller

FDA Criticized for Banning Alcoholic Energy Drinks
Greg Conko’s citation on MSNBC.org

>>Best of the Blogs

Anti-Terrorism: A Political Auto-Immune Disease?
By Fred Smith

Obama Includes Toyota, Hyundai and Kia in 75,000 Jobs “Created” by GM Bailout
By John Berlau

Taxpayers Pay Three Times for Special Interest Litigation
By Kathryn Ciano

Six Ways Congress Can Fix COICA Copyright Bill
By Ryan Radia

No Sense in Maryland’s “Dime-a-Drink” Tax Increase
By Michelle Minton

>>CEI Podcast

November 30, 2010: The Crusade Against Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Baylen Linnekin, author of the recent CEI On Point “Extreme Refreshment Crackdown: The FDA’s Misguided Campaign Against Alcohol Energy Drinks” and contributor to the food regulation blog Crispy on the Outside, looks at the recent push to ban alcoholic drinks that contain caffeine. Baylen believes that regulators are over-reacting. Alcohol energy drinks typically contain no more caffeine than a cup of coffee, and their appeal to underage drinkers is overstated.

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