CEI Weekly: How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine

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CEI Weekly
March 18, 2011

>>Featured Story

Energy efficiency mandates are lowering Americans’ quality of life by lowering the quality of our household appliances. In The Wall Street Journal this week, CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman explains how energy restrictions have ruined top-loader washing machines, which were once both inexpensive and effective. Read Kazman’s op-ed here.

>>Shaping the Debate

Labor Policy Congressional Scorecard
CEI’s new-launched voting scorecard for pro-worker issues

Wasteful Transit Policy
Marc Scribner’s interview on Fox Business

What’s the Catch with NOAA’s Catch-Shares Program?
Iain Murray and Dennis Grabowski’s op-ed in The Washington Examiner

Cybersecurity Theater vs. the Real Thing
Wayne Crews’ column in Forbes

Liquor Wholesalers’ Appalling Misuse of the Constitution
Angela Logomasini’s op-ed in The Daily Caller

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Where Is Steven Chu?
Iain Murray’s op-ed in National Review

Are Text Messages an Antitrust Issue?
Ryan Young’s op-ed in The American Spectator

Happy Birthday, James Madison
Christine Hall’s op-ed on FoxNews.com

Japan Crisis Shouldn’t Derail Nuclear Movement
Iain Murray’s citation on FoxBusiness.com

Iain Murray’s citation in The Washington Times

>>Best of the Blogs

Federal Government and State Attorneys General Push Arbitrary Mortgage Bailout
By Hans Bader

Interchange — Will 16 Republicans Again Back Durbin’s Price Controls?
By John Berlau

What The Economist Got Right, Got Wrong About NYC Bike Lanes
By Marc Scribner

Pro-Ethanol Legislation Introduced in the Senate
By Brian McGraw

>> CEI Podcast

March 17, 2011: Are Biotech Crops Coming to Kenya

CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko discusses his recent trip to Kenya where he met with members of Parliament and other officials about the best way to regulate the introduction of genetically modified crops to the country.