CEI Weekly: Merry Christmas!

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CEI Weekly

December 23, 2011

>> Featured Story

As we at CEI prepare for the holidays, we’ve noticed that most of our favorite Christmas movies make capitalists out to be villains. So we put together this short video as a reminder of the Yuletide benefits of the market. Watch above, or at this link.

>> Shaping the Debate

The FDA vs. Commercial Speech
Greg Conko and Henry I. Miller’s article in Reason Magazine

Create Wealth, Not Jobs
Iain Murray and David Bier’s op-ed in The Washington Times

Behind the UAW’s Aw Shucks Smile
Vincent Vernuccio’s op-ed in The American Spectator

Grinches and Scrooges Dislike Facebook This Christmas
Wayne Crews’ column on Forbes

Obama’s Big Labor Wins a Big One
Ivan Osorio and Russ Brown’s op-ed in The American Spectator

Dead People Get Lots of Other Entitlement Benefits
Hans Bader’s letter to the editor in The Washington Examiner

Government Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Itself
Wayne Crews’ citation on FoxBusiness.com

Texts, Lies, and Distracted Driving
Marc Scribner’s citation on The Volokh Conspiracy

AT&T Admits Defeat on T-Mobile Takeover
Ryan Radia’s citation on Ars Technica

The Death of Kim Jong Il, the Unraveling of North Korea and More
Iain Murray and David Bier’s citation in The Washington Post Blogs

>> Best of the Blogs

2011 Brought Lots of Good News for Salt Lovers
By Greg Conko

Butter-nomics: Protectionism and Food Shortages
By Daniel Rivera

Another Year of Incandescence
By Brian McGraw

This Week in the Congress
By Myron Ebell

>> CEI Podcast

December 23, 2011: The Keystone XL Pipeline

Politicians usually love infrastructure projects. But politics has delayed the privately owned Keystone XL pipeline’s construction for three years now. Research Associate David Bier explains the reasons behind the delay, and points out that the pipeline’s real benefit isn’t the jobs it would create; it’s the wealth and value it would create.