CEI Weekly: Regulations Discourage Small Businesses from Hiring

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CEI Weekly
September 17, 2010

>>Shaping the Debate
Clearing the Way for High-Tech Jobs
Ryan Radia and Ryan Young’s op-ed on Real Clear Markets

The War Between SEIU and NUHW: What it Tells Us About Card Check
Vincent Vernuccio’s op-ed on Big Government

Upstream Battle for Genetically Engineered Salmon
Henry Miller’s op-ed in The Los Angeles Times

A Real Small Business Assist
John Berlau and Andrew Kwiatkowski’s op-ed in The American Spectator

Don’t Blame BPA on Lobster Decline
Angela Logomasini’s op-ed in The Cape Cod Times

Al Gore, Iain Murray and the ‘Tea Party’
Iain Murray’s citation in The Christian Science Monitor

Greens Want Their McCain Back
Myron Ebell’s citation in Politico

>>Best of the Blogs
Tricks Against Trade
by Fran Smith

The Dead Weight Loss of Union Disputes
by Ivan Osorio

Obama to Insurers: Stop Telling the Truth
by Michelle Minton

>>CEI Podcast
September 16, 2010: Creating High-Tech Jobs
Ryan Radia, CEI’s Associate Director of Technology Studies, talks about obstacles and opportunities for job creation in the high-tech sector. Regulatory uncertainty is making companies wary of making long-term investments. The sheer number of regulations makes it very expensive to hire workers. According to an article Radia coauthored at RealClearMarkets, rolling back the regulatory state could pave the way for more jobs.
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