CEI Weekly: What’s Wrong With the Stop Online Piracy Act?


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CEI Weekly

January 20, 2012

>>Featured Story

If you used the Internet this past Wednesday, you know about the widespread web protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). CEI has long stood in opposition to these anti-piracy bills, which, while well-intentioned, would harm security, innovation, and freedom on the Internet. On Thursday, CEI Associate Director of Technology Studies Ryan Radia moderated a panel discussion on the bills’ flaws. Radia also appeared on ABC 7 News to discuss SOPA. Watch his interview here.

>> Shaping the Debate

The Report on Carcinogens
Richard B. Belzer’ Issue Analysis

Obama Channels Cheney
Iain Murray and David Bier’s op-ed in The Sacramento Bee & The Miami Herald

The Ability to Fire People Creates More and Better Jobs
William Frezza’s column in Forbes

Columnist Wants Consumer Bureau to Be Big Brother
John Berlau’s op-ed in The American Spectator

Wisconsin Union Holding Federal Funds Hostage
Trey Kovacs’ op-ed in The Washington Examiner

“Climate” and the Campaign
Chris Horner’s post in The American Spectator Blogs

Law Schools Taking More and More Criticism
Hans Bader’s citation in National Review

Obama is Ignoring His Own Jobs Council’s Recommendations
Wayne Crews’ citation in The Daily Caller

A Tale of Two Energy Policies
Matt Patterson’s citation in The Pelican Post

>> Best of the Blogs

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