Change of Tune

There has been a subtle yet important shift in the rhetoric of some global warming alarmists, whose industry has thrived for years on a disciplined party line of “ignore the skeptics.”  This has played out in many absurd ways , including by insisting that only a dozen or so actually exist.  The audience for their rhetoric has remained instead the public.


We see here what appears to be almost desperation, coming on the heels of widespread pickup given to a recent Inhofe, et al compilation of more than 400 scientists — from both “soft” and “hard” disciplines, just as is true with the IPCC and alarmists, generally, though they conveniently forget this when attacking (see the series of exposés on this from the gang at Climate Resistance).


The icing on the cake is the rest of the instruction, to change the subject.


To borrow their phrase, that’s “climate progress”.