Citizen Showing Gadsden flag ‘Stopped and Detained’ by Louisiana Police

Louisiana police stopped and detained an American citizen for displaying the historic Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag on his car, World Net Daily reports. The flag has a treasured history in America – named after an American general and statesman, Christopher Gadsden, and was once used by The United States Marine Corps as a motto flag. In any case, political talk show icon G. Gordon Liddy was incensed by the reported incident and is now encouraging patriotic and First Amendment loyalists to go buy a Gadsden flag sticker and put it you-know-where — on your bumper sticker. Just so happens, the Bureaucrash activist group is offering the sticker — along with other politically incorrect, First Amendment-loving t-shirts, stickers, pins and other “contraband.” Visit and click on “contraband” to get your Gadsden flag on.

Edit: Link to the G Gordon Liddy Show podcast, hour 1.