Climate Change: My Brother Doesn’t Care

My brother in Denver is very much the everyman. He’s blue collar-John Melencamp-middle America, and I value his opinion as a bellwether of the nation’s mood.

On Thanksgiving, my bro gave me an earful. For one, he is sick and tired of “this green bull****.” He manages a catering company, so he deals with a lot of sales people, and he says that every Tom, Dick and Harry is selling the environmental angle. As his only concerns are cost and quality, he finds these green pitches excruciating.

He also talked about his utility bills, which he says have increased significantly in only the last few years. The increase worried him.

Curiously, he did not once mention global warming.

However he did bring up an idea that had been churning about in his head for a while. To stick it to the “green phonies,” my brother wants to establish a “pro-pollution non-profit.”

I thought that was pretty funny, but then it got really funny, because my brother elaborated. He told me that the “pro-pollution non-profit,” would agitate to have McDonald’s bring back the Styrofoam container for the Big Mac, because “it tastes better.” It would also strive to make landfills “bigger, deeper, and better.” He went on, but I can only remember laughing so hard that I doubled over.