Climate Crisis Action Day in Review

Today, in preperation for the latest installment of The Al Gore Show on Capitol Hill, (anti-)global warming campaigners staged a rally in front of the Capitol to get the troops revved up. Special attention was shown to the Arctic, which is allegedly in deadly peril from a slightly warmer world. One might think that the coldest place in the world could use a few additional degrees, but, according to several of today’s speakers, that would be an insensitive, Western imperialist way to look at things. Or something like that. In any case, see the photos (with irreverant captions!) after the jump:

Of course, we all know the biggest cause of global warming: meat. Tasty, but deadly (for the climate that is). Move over ExxonMobil, Big Steak is the new villain of the month.

It’s true, climate change is creating scary new pest species, the furry-suit activist kid being just one of the more visible examples

Large, cool-looking animals that attract the most donations to conservationist groups are sometimes called “charismatic megafauna.” Sure, we want to save the polar bear, but what about all the seals they mercilessly kill? Cleary, these folks have made their choice.

Sen. Barbara Boxer addresses the crowd, almost breaking her arm in the process of patting herself on the back. Apparently the new key to senatorial greatness is not being Jim Inhofe.

The dour-faced ladies of climate activism

Not everyone will stand up for the earth, but fortunately almost everyone is willing to sit while others talk about it

Our good friend Jason gets an establishing shot for Bureaucrash’s planned video respoonse

The glamorous world of the backstage pass holder