College Education Is A Waste of Time

If you’re looking for my discussion of how “college education is a waste of time,” which was excerpted on page 24 of today’s Washington Examiner, you can find that discussion here in full.  (On the subject of college education being a waste of time, I should know.  I spent seven years in college, including three years at Harvard Law School, and later worked at the U.S. Department of Education).  America doesn’t need more paper-pushers with fancy paper credentials.  It needs more people with useful skills, many of which are best acquired on the job or through an apprenticeship, rather than at a liberal-arts college whose teachings are permeated by political correctness and psychobabble.

Another perverse result of government subsidies that encourage ever-increasing numbers of young people to attend college is that entry-level jobs that were once held by high-school dropouts are now held by people with college degrees or even master’s degrees.