Not A Policy Paper, Just A Thought

Photo Credit: Getty

Years ago, pastor Lon Solomon of the D.C.-based McLean Bible Church popularized a series of radio ads entitled, “Not a Sermon, Just a Thought,” which were played on local radio stations.

The format was clever. Solomon could deliver a single faith-based concept or exhortation without delving too deeply into the context and nuance of a 30-minute sermon.

In that way, public policy arguments are a lot like sermons. They require research, context, and a thorough explanation to drive home the point. But usually, behind it all is a single idea or impassioned plea that could be delivered in a minute or less.

The reality is, public policy arguments and sermons alike require both formats to change hearts and minds—the long form policy paper that makes a well-reasoned argument with a holistic view of the debate and the elevator pitch of the idea in a simple format.

In an ode to Solomon’s snappy radio ads, CEI is launching a new video series entitled, “Not A Policy Paper, Just A Thought,” where we distill some of our most poignant policy arguments and papers into short digestible videos.

Our first video features Jessica Melugin, Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute: Conservatives and Content Moderation: Not A Policy Paper, Just A Thought