Contest: Like asking for safety tips from Johnny Knoxville

Early this morning, I became aware of something called “The Lou Dobbs Financial Report,” which is syndicated on radio across the nation. My immediate reaction was to think to myself, “Asking for financial advice from Lou Dobbs is like asking…” I thought for a minute, and then it hit me: “for safety tips from Johnny Knoxville!” Then other comparisons came to mind, “like asking for etiquette lessons from Don Rickles” or “public speaking advice from Sylvester Stallone.” Yet there have got to be even better analogies — so I’m running a contest.

The submitter of the best entry in the comments section below (to be judged by a panel of CEI arbiters) wins a signed copy of Tim Carney’s The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money, which provides a good antidote to Dobbs’s rampant economic illiteracy (which apparently was too great to be contained to one medium). So let’s get started: “Asking for financial advice from Lou Dobbs is like…”