CPAC 2011 Day Two

This is Day 2 of CPAC 2011. Yesterday, there were serious internet issues. Hopefully, the same problem will not happen again.

9:30am: Gary Johnson is talking about the number of bills he vetoed, and that he is running for President. He was introduced as the “Libertarian’s Libertarian.” He argues for legalizing marijuana and cutting a massive amount of government programs. There was a larger applause for the latter. He closed by saying the Republican Party is the only Party capable of fixing the country.

Personal Note: In the blogger room, Breitbart.Tv is conducting live interviews behind me at , and Ed Morrissey of is sitting in front of me.

10:00am: Several speakers spoke quickly about the need to cut spending.

10:30am: Mitt Romney began his speech by thanking his wife.

Note 10:38am: Internet outage like yesterday.

Due to the internet outage, I’m going to link to commentary on Mitt Romney’s speech from HotAir.