CPAC 2011

This post will cover CPAC 2011 throughout the day.  Check back for updates.

Note: There is an Internet connection issue at CPAC (9:25am)  Hopefully this will be resolved. Update: As of 12:53pm, the Internet is still sporadic.

9:15am: Rep. Michele Bachmann started the event to fire up the crowd. Most of her talk was similar to her response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. She focused on the debt and deficit.

10:30am: Sen. Pat Toomey says increasing the debt limit is irresponsible and it is a myth that we will default if we don’t increase it.

12:30AM: Everyone is paying attention to Newt Gingrich’s speech. He talked a lot about about Ronald Reagan. “Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.” Moreover, he stated that Bill Clinton was an example of moving to the center, not Barack Obama. He argues that we need an “American Energy Policy.” Note: Although he brought up flex fuel, he certainly did not push Ethanol as strongly as he did in Iowa, arguing for the use of more oil and coal in America. Lastly, he argued for replacing the EPA with a more efficient government agency.

Because the Internet was so sporadic at CPAC, unfortunately this post cannot be continued. Stay tuned tomorrow. We apologize.