Crisco, and invented food made by chemist, now give me a slice of pie!

I have an issue with this holiday fuzzy feeling piece from Marketplace, because the anchor’s intro goes as follows: “Crisco is a staple in many American kitchens and a must-have for homemade pies. But it’s also an invented food made by chemists …

An invented food made by chemists, how little does a reporter have to know about the history of food to know that most all of it is made by chemists? Those chemists are often called, mom, pop, grandma, and grandpa, but they are chemists none the less.

Beer and wine are two items that were “invented and made by chemists”, the same goes for pickling and curing and canning and most other cooking and preservation techniques.

And while we are on the subject of pies and Crisco, here’s my friend Miranda baking Lemon Meringue pie while she is chatting with me via Skype on Yule Day.

Miranda baking pie

Don’t you love modern technology? Now, all I need is a Skype with smell and tasting functions!