Democrats Fight over Power, not Economics

Today’s Washington Examiner ran my letter to the editor. I’ve included the full letter below:

Democrats fight over power, not economics

Re: “EPA’s days as ‘rogue’ agency are numbered” & “Democrats will yield on everything but abortion,” April 11

Congressional Democrats’ approach to their pet projects demonstrates that their spending policies are not about economics. They are about power.

The evidence is their different reactions to proposed cuts to Planned Parenthood and the Environmental Protection Agency. The former is being defended tooth and nail because of its consistent support for Democratic candidates. The latter is being reined in because it is unpopular with the electorate.

As members of Congress on both sides of the aisle often are, Democrats are being tempted by power at the expense of ideology. The policy proposals that have emerged from the latest budget debate are merely a means to that Machiavellian end.